The Libera Project

In Brazil, balloon hunting is not just a game—it’s a lifestyle and a symbol of freedom.

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About Us

Digital Baloeiros

The team that brought you Cai Cai Balão (Indiecade nominee 2021) is working on a new balloon adventure! We are a dedicated group of young game developers that, with our new project Libera, aims to offer you an authentic and thrilling experience inspired by the real-life activity that comes from the streets of Brazilian favelas. Join us in our journey to share Brazilian balloon-hunting culture with the rest of the world!



A mobile game about the Brazilian Ballon Hunters

In LIBERA, you play as a young woman who aspires to be the next balloon legend. The goal of the game is to catch balloons. You do this by racing through the streets of a favela in Rio de Janeiro. The race is fast-paced, so make sure to keep your momentum! The better you do in the race, the more flame you'll get. With your flame refilled, you can help the community and show your commitment. The more committed you are, the more love you gain from the other balloon hunters — and you need both flame and love to survive the obstacles in your way, especially the hostile police, who is ready to stop you at all costs.


Cai Cai Balão

A game about the balloon world made at DADIU at the Danish Filmschool

Twenty years ago, the skies of Brazil were completely covered by colorful balloons, until 1998, when making and hunting balloons became an illegal activity punished with up to three years of prison. To this day, balloon crews are chased by the police. 

Cai Cai Balão is a fast paced parkour-lite racing game in which the player completes intense missions in a fictional slum in Brazil. The player must escape aggressive police officers, snipers, dogs, and other obstacles in order to become the FIRST to catch a giant hot air balloon that will earn them respect from the "baloeiro" families and become the most notorious balloon hunter. 

The narrative and voice acting have been developed in close collaboration with "baloeiros" from Brazil. 



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